Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2022-02-21T15:33:31-08:00

How do I place an order?2022-02-21T15:33:33-08:00

You may either place an order online or complete a form and fax or email the order to us.

If you are a first time client, we ask that you complete a new client agreement.  If it’s been over a year since we’ve appeared for you, we ask that you complete a credit card authorization form.  All forms may be found here.

Fax: 951-684-3716 (15 pages or less) or 866-333-1515 (any length)
Email: [email protected]

Can I give you the order information over the phone?2014-08-11T20:06:25-07:00

Sorry, no.  In order to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes, we require written order forms.

What are your rates?2022-02-21T15:33:33-08:00

Rates vary by type of appearance and sometimes by court.  Please refer to the schedule of rates for specifics.

How do I confirm my order?2014-08-11T20:06:37-07:00

Please call us to confirm that we have received your fax order.  If you email your order or submit an order online, call if you don’t receive an email receipt from us.

Why do I have to call to confirm?2014-08-11T20:06:44-07:00

If we don’t receive your order, we won’t be able to call you to tell you that.  Emails and faxes get misdirected, lost, or just don’t get here.  Having you call us is the only way to guarantee that we have your order.

How do I know you will appear?2014-08-11T20:06:50-07:00

When you call to confirm receipt, you are confirming not only that we have your order but also that 1) it is logged onto our calendar and 2) a hard copy is placed in the date file.  This duplicate system insures that nothing gets lost within our office.  If there is a problem with booking an attorney (sometimes happens for difficult courts or order forms received late in the day), we will call and discuss that with you.

Can I speak to the attorney who is going to appear?2014-08-11T20:06:56-07:00

We provide our attorney contact information on a “need to know” basis.  If you feel, after giving good details on your order form, that speaking to an attorney is necessary for your hearing, please write that on our order form or tell us when you call in to confirm receipt.  We will provide that information once the appearance is booked.

What if I have documents that the attorney is going to need?2014-08-11T20:07:01-07:00

Include them with your order form if 5 pages or less.  For more than 5 pages, please wait until we tell you where to send them.

How do I get the results from the appearance?2014-08-11T20:07:06-07:00

We will fax or email you the results (to the number you provided on your order form) within minutes of our receiving them from appearance counsel.  The majority of reports are received and sent out the same day as the appearance.

When will you bill me?2022-02-21T15:33:32-08:00

The invoice for the appearance is listed at the bottom of the report.  If you are a new client, we require a credit card authorization form (part of the new client agreement) up front with your order

How do I pay for the appearance?2022-02-21T15:33:32-08:00

Mail a check or use a credit card (download form).  If you are a new client and send have sent us the new client agreement, you do not need to do anything further.  We will fax you a receipt once your card is charged.

What happens if I lose a report or invoice?2022-02-21T15:33:32-08:00

Contact us with a request, and we can resend it.  Be sure to give us the appearance date, the name of the law firm, and where you want it sent.  We cannot search our records by case name.  We also cannot provide entire invoice histories or a history of all your appearances.

Do I have to fill out the credit card form every time I want to use my credit card?2014-08-11T20:07:28-07:00

No, we can charge your statement to your card monthly after the first of the month.  Just let us know on the authorization form.

What if something goes wrong with my appearance?2014-08-11T20:07:34-07:00

If you believe there was a problem, call us right away and give us your information.  If there is a problem, the sooner we know, the faster we can remedy it.  We cannot address problems if we are informed more than 5 court dates after the appearance.

What if I disagree with the invoice?2022-02-21T15:33:32-08:00

First check our schedule of rates to see what you think should have been billed.  Appearances are billed according to the posted rate schedule.  If you still disagree, please call us right away to talk about it.  We cannot address billing questions unless we are informed within 5 days of receiving the report/invoice.

How do I become a panel attorney?2014-08-11T20:07:45-07:00

While many of our panel attorneys have been with us for years and maintain a daily presence at the courts in which we appear, we do have a continued need for new panel members.

Please send us your resume and a list of courts you are willing to appear to [email protected].

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