Routine Civil & Criminal

$125 up to 1 hour
  • Next court day orders: add $50
  • Civil: OSC, CMC, Status Conference
  • Criminal: Arraignment, Pretrial, Bail Bond Motion
  • Traffic: Arraignment

Longer Hearings

$250up to 2 hours
  • Next court day orders: add $50
  • Civil: Motion, Petition, OEX/JDE, Minor’s Comp, COE, IME, Defend Depo
  • Criminal: Plead Out, Warrant Recall
  • Traffic: Trial
  • BK, Probate, Family Law, Juvenile: All Hearings

Trials, Taking Depositions, Immigration

$500 up to 2 hours
  • Next court day orders: add $50

Parking, mailing, telephone/fax, and printing/copy charges, if incurred by our attorneys, will be added to the above rates.

Hearings lasting longer than the noted time will be prorated at that rate. Don’t see your hearing? Please ask us.

Note: There are some jurisdictions, depending on location and appearance counsel, which may fall outside these rates. Many are in Northern California and the Central Valley. Call or email to inquire. We will always contact you for authorization for rates outside the above figures.